Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I Tunes U --> forever educating ourselves.

I like the idea for ITunes U , it helps us to expand our thought process to not be stagnant and to grow in our being. Continuous education and most importantly it is free , that's give a lot of people the opportunity to learn new things or freshen up on things they are interested especially if they do not always have the funds.

The one video lecture I listened to was about the anatomy of a cell I freshened up on biology that I hadn't remembered. Now I know the anatomy and what it does for our bodies.

I didn't like the fact that it was the same voice in every video it was very boring but I still would recommend it to any buddy who wants a head start education or find out what they are interested in.

Friday, 30 November 2012

The Jeffersons

This was the 70's , that addressed a lot of controversial stereotypes . These were interracial couples , successful African American couples from the Financial stand point and relationship stand point.

The Jefferson's

This made the show intriguing to watch due to the fact it was dealing with everyday problems and possible ways to solve them. This show was geared to an old more mature group , it had lots of humor to it which I love. I think that this type of show would still fit into this time period back then it was dealing with situations that weren't accepting now a days we are accepting of almost anything so this show would be a very good hit.

I believe the characters chosen for this serious were a good choice , Sherman Hemsley always provides a humorous experience and his in screw wife played by Isabel Sanford also added to the show she was able to add such chemistry when it came to her and George . She was always such a strong character it made the dynamic very tense sometimes which I liked you had to watch to see how she was going to react .

I would continue to watch this show for clean entertainment , because I only watch self help or shows that add something to my thought process or life now. I always want to be progressing , I never want to grow stagnant in my thinking or being ... That would be my biggest fear . This show helps you to have an open mind about different people and being happy for others who succeed . I think that is also another important thing in this life time being happy for other who succeed it will only help our attitude in order to becoming successful and when we become successful we can stay Humble.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Let's inspire eachother !!

 I did a blog Presentation on the blog known as none other then " The Mummy Chronicles "
As many of you know I am a Momma , of a sweet little Boy who is named Elijah .
   That is the reason I can relate to "The Mummy Chronicles Blog " she discusses real life issues anywhere from Parenting to Child rearing. I loved the fact that she had a Fashion section as well as a beauty section, because sometimes as a mom its hard to keep up with the in. One thing that intrigued me the most about this blog is this section right here .....
The reason this part of her blog was so important to me was because I did suffer threw Postpartum depression and anxiety it was a very hard thing to bare. I isolated myself was agitated and paranoid about harm coming to my son, but I soon realised that I was not my normal happy go lucky self. I soon sought out the help and support I needed I'm still figuring things out with my body and well being, but it is so nice to see other women coming forth with the acknowlegdement to Post Par tum Depression and realising how serious and debilitating it can be for any Momma. I give her blog a 5 star rating :)


Popular Icon :)


Justin Bieber explains why he wore overalls to meet Stephen Harper.....
Justin Bieber does have the right to choose what he would like to wear, but to accept an honor from the Prime minster he probably could have done a little bit better. Justin Biebe'rs reasoning was completley acceptable , because Justin had just finished performing and went right to meet the Prime Minister. I beleive people are always looking to point out other peoples flaws or to judge someone without knowing the full story. I respect Justin Bieber even more for standing up for himself and staying strong in his descions. People are very un reasonable sometimes, but Bieber taught us by this to continue in your movement. I believe that Justin Bieber should contiue to do what he is doing , that he shouldn't take heart anything that the outsiders are saying. As people looking from the outside in we tend to be very judgemental and quick to judge other people esspecially people who are above or doing better then us. Instead of wasting time looking at what other people do we should focus on our sevles and make sure we are doing what we need to be doing before passing judgement or making rude statements.

"I met the Prime Minister in overalls lol. I hope you hate my style." - Justin Bieber via Twitter 


Lets take a walk ...

The place I chose to take my Media walk was someplace very familliar it hasn't changed much to over the yers but it dose get the intended message across. 
Falls - Located Milton Ontario

There was a convience store , which happens to be full of a veriety of media .
- I realized when I took this walk it was a very concentrated area
- The area which had the media was very small but connected
- Very populated area , alot of people in and out
-The signs and billboards are very bright and vibrant
- The stores were very inviting ... sales/deals etc.

On my way it was very pleasent , the air was crisp . One of the last nice sunny days of fall . There was a sign across the street which sparked my intereast because it was yellow and it had contrasting letters that were a deep red colour as I studied the body of media I realized there tactics were smart and very out in the open. I appreciated that the stores had signs to let me know how I could steal a deal and maybe even win the lottery. On my walk which was located in Milton Ontario , Ontario street you can see the prgression of the small town attitude to an accepting mentality. The multicultural convience store also sells Halal meet as well as East indian groceries, so having something like this in old Milton may be a shock but its refreshing to see the progression.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Whats worth it ?

I personally love the movement Gary Vanderchuck is bringing to light . The fact that engaging and taking care of the people who are intereasted in our products or services makes sense in this day and age.

We need people who aren't going to just sell things to us but to take care of us. Being that in these times everything is so uncertain to have people and companies who make us feel comfortable and believe in what they are doing is key. I rather pay attention to the person who is invovling me then the person who is cold and shrill and dosen't think about what "Me" as the customer would like.
Another thing which is great is that he is encouraging us to persue something that we love and truley beileve in. I belielve that if we do what we love we can continue to push and achieve and intreage others to do the same. Whatch this video if you like motivation and progression :)

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Facebook or No

 I believe that facebook the movie should been seen to let everyone know how Facebook was really created and what its about.

The movie gives people a good idea on how we need to be careful with what and who we share our idea's with. I don't personally like the movie, it was a great idea but he ended up loosing his friend due to his inability to be faithfull. 

I would not recommend this movie to anyone who loves facebook it might taint your view on the website in total. Most of us need facebook now it's intwined in our being to communicate threw facebook.

Even though this movie may put a bad taste on the real life person's , the actors on the other hand did an amazing job making "The Social Network" very realistic and believable.